Finally writing the perfect fix for ModifyWorld

I have begun writing the next piece of code to fix ModifyWorld from screwing up everything.  ModifyWorld.* just screws up everything.  I have to add every bit of code.  ModifyWorld doesn’t like combining its all command and the negate commands.  The plan is to fix up the permissions and then grab my team so we can began on the spawn.  The spawn will be simple and have 2 paths.  Path 1, you become a scientist and have access to industrial craft but not equivalent exchange.  Path 2, you become a alchemist and have access to equivalent exchange but not industrial craft.  I might remove RedPower from the alchemist.  EE is way overpowered when combined with automation.  It depends on what the team wants.  BuildCraft has been disabled for how laggy it is on servers.  The server will hopefully have 3-4 gigs of RAM.  That way we can get it to work without error and support about 25-40 players.  More players means more fun,  People have said they wanted proof the server is going to stay around for a long time and I figured out a way.  I will be setting up rail stations between cities and outpost to make it so people will be more likely to defend the cities from attacks.  I might re-enable nukes and give them to both sides as a weapon.  Change the recipe so alchemist don’t have to have any IC2 items.


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