Making a Tekkit server and the troubles that come from it

I have decided I should make a Tekkit server a long time ago and I was very successful until I wanted to mess with ModifyWorld.  ModifyWorld’s documentation and support absolutely suck.  I ask a question and I am looking for solutions yet I get none.  I have spent about 6 or so hours just this night working on a fix for my problems and nothing will work.  The way to set-up ModifyWorld is so obscure and fucked up that I don’t want to use it.  I have wrote so much for the ModifyWorld permissions and it still doesn’t work.  Does anyone actually know how to use this plugin or do we all assume that no one has a problem with it?  I might just convert all my work to NoItem for the reason of it not sucking ass at all.   Coding a plugin requires you to provide proper documentation.  Not this half assed wanna-be documentation that is missing key points and contradicts itself.


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