Finally writing the perfect fix for ModifyWorld

I have begun writing the next piece of code to fix ModifyWorld from screwing up everything.  ModifyWorld.* just screws up everything.  I have to add every bit of code.  ModifyWorld doesn’t like combining its all command and the negate commands.  The plan is to fix up the permissions and then grab my team so we can began on the spawn.  The spawn will be simple and have 2 paths.  Path 1, you become a scientist and have access to industrial craft but not equivalent exchange.  Path 2, you become a alchemist and have access to equivalent exchange but not industrial craft.  I might remove RedPower from the alchemist.  EE is way overpowered when combined with automation.  It depends on what the team wants.  BuildCraft has been disabled for how laggy it is on servers.  The server will hopefully have 3-4 gigs of RAM.  That way we can get it to work without error and support about 25-40 players.  More players means more fun,  People have said they wanted proof the server is going to stay around for a long time and I figured out a way.  I will be setting up rail stations between cities and outpost to make it so people will be more likely to defend the cities from attacks.  I might re-enable nukes and give them to both sides as a weapon.  Change the recipe so alchemist don’t have to have any IC2 items.


Fixing the Tekkit server and getting it to work

I have found a way to get the server to work and not produce pointless errors.  I am slowly converting the messed up permissions to the new format that will work without an error.  The server should be up very soon.  I am getting the money to run the server for a little bit soon and I am going to start working on the different spawns with my friends.  The server will be split into 2 sides and it will be made impossible for scientist and alchemist to work together.  The whole server will be based on war and alliances won’t work out.  The whole idea is to allow alchemist and scientist without letting them combine über machines.  The server will practically protect itself.  I will purposely put in propaganda to make the 2 sides fight.  Build a giant computer monitor saying the alchemist have betrayed all logic and reason.  Encourage complete war and let no one know what is really going on.  It will work so well.

Making a Tekkit server and the troubles that come from it

I have decided I should make a Tekkit server a long time ago and I was very successful until I wanted to mess with ModifyWorld.  ModifyWorld’s documentation and support absolutely suck.  I ask a question and I am looking for solutions yet I get none.  I have spent about 6 or so hours just this night working on a fix for my problems and nothing will work.  The way to set-up ModifyWorld is so obscure and fucked up that I don’t want to use it.  I have wrote so much for the ModifyWorld permissions and it still doesn’t work.  Does anyone actually know how to use this plugin or do we all assume that no one has a problem with it?  I might just convert all my work to NoItem for the reason of it not sucking ass at all.   Coding a plugin requires you to provide proper documentation.  Not this half assed wanna-be documentation that is missing key points and contradicts itself.

Welcome to my blog!

Today, I am starting a blog about me playing Minecraft, working on game modifications, and general information about whatever seems interesting.

What has happened so far in my Minecraft world?  Well, I have been playing Tekkit and messing around with that.  I have build cobble gen towers.  These things run on pure win and require a side of awesome to work.  They actually run pretty well and don’t cause much lag.  I have also built a giant Kirby and Link.  These things are awesome to build.  I also built some stuff from MLP for those who like that.  I am currently trying to make a Tekkit server with perfect balance but that requires nerfing the crap out of Equivalent Exchange.